Oauth Endpoint

Provide an endpoint on your side that can accept the redirect from our authentication server and retrieve the session information via the backend call to API. This option is great for clients who have their own server and want more control over their user data storage.

We support OAUTH 1.0 authentication endpoint.

Redirect Example

<a href="https://tradablebits.com/crm/oauth?account_id=1234&redirect_url=http://test.com/callback">
  • account_id Tradable Bits Account ID. This argument is mandatory.
  • login_type Selected network to login
  • redirect_url Redirect URL to send user to upon successful authentication.This argument is mandatory.

Callback Handler Example (Python/Django)

function callback(request):
    code = request.GET.get('code')
    api_key = "12345"
    account_id = "12345"
    redirect_url = "http://test.com/callback"
    parms = {"code":code,"api_key":api_key,"account_id":account_id,"redirect_url":redirect_url}
    token_url = "https://tradablebits.com/crm/access_token?%s" % urllib.urlencode(parms)
    with contextlib.closing(urllib2.urlopen(token_url, timeout=10)) as r:
        res = r.read()
        session = json.loads(res)
  • account_id Tradable Bits Account ID.
  • redirect_url Redirect URL to send user to upon successful authentication.
  • api_key Secret Key as configured on the manage centre page.
  • code Url request will include "code" query argument which can be used to retrieve session object.

Password Reset

When your clients forget their passwords, we've got you covered. Our system will send out a standard email that will allow them to resolve the issue. However, you may want to override our default "Reset Password" email and widget with your own branding or user flow. Here's how:

  • Find the user's email and look them up via the CRM API.
  • For fan update endpoint set the reset_uid to true. Upon success, the call will return unique GUID as part of the fan structure.
  • Generate an email that links to OAUTH endpoint with additional parameters: email and reset_uid.
  • Widget will open reset form and guide the user through the process.

<a href="https://tradablebits.com/crm/oauth?account_id=1234&email=test@test.com&reset_uid=5a4d7c07-cbf6-4aed-b1ea-a6ff609d561a&redirect_url=http://test.com/callback">
Reset Password

Tableau Integration

Whether dealing with millions of posts or thousands of fan profiles, the wealth of data you collect on our platform can feel overwhelming. Although we provide extensive analytics on our platform, our integration with Tableau can make in-depth reporting, visualizing and sharing your data much easier. All it takes is simply sending Tradable Bits data through Tableau's desktop Web Data Connector interface. If you don't yet have a Tableau account, please contact us for more information about how to access this powerful tool.

The steps for integrating Tradable Bits into Tableau are as follows:

  1. Generate API Keys in Profile Settings
  2. You need to be logged in into Tradable Bits in order to see API Keys
  3. Choose Corresponding endpoint:
  4. Stream



    Ticket Data

    Idol Data
  5. Add the source into Tableau Desktop and new web data connector